Course Curriculum

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    September 2019 Capsule

    • Welcome! (Watch this video)

    • How To Use This Guide

    • Fall 2019 Trends

    • September Color Palette

    • Five Step Outfit Formula

    • Style Tips

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    The 30 Pieces

    • The Master List Download

    • Tops (Video and Shopping Links)

    • Bottoms (Video and Shopping Links)

    • Jackets (Video & Shopping Links)

    • Dresses (Shopping Links)

    • Shoes (Video & Shopping Links)

    • Accessories (Video & Shopping Links)

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    How to Style Your Capsule

    • How to Shop Your Closet (Video Coming Soon!!)

    • Sample Outfit Ideas (Photos of MVB!)

    • Sample Outfit Ideas (Photos of Users!)

    • Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial (Video)

This carefully curated collection of thirty wardrobe items was had selected by Meghann VanderBaan, of MVB Style. She has been creating capsule wardrobe style guides for the past two years, helping hundreds of women feel confident with their wardrobes and well-dressed for any occasion. 

This guide will show you the pieces you need this fall to create a fun and interesting wardrobe, inspired by a boho chic (don't be scared!) sensibility that is very popular in fashion right now. 

About the instructor

Personal Stylist and Lifestyle Expert

Meghann VanderBaan

I'm Meghann, a personal stylist and mama of three living in the suburbs of Chicago. I love teaching moms to rediscover their style and put themselves first after giving everything to their families for years. Mamas call me when their yoga pants just aren't cutting it any more and they are ready for big change and honest advice, handed out with lots of love.